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3.3 billion passengers flew worldwide in 2014. This number will climb to 7 billion by 2034, according to experts. All these passengers rely on maximum comfort and a safe arrival at their destination. Good thing that our products are on board with them. And they can be found everywhere where reliability and safety are present: in the cockpit, avionics components, in the on-board kitchen and in the cabin.


Safe energy supply: Amphenol-Air LB provides connectors for electricity supply to complete interior lighting sets: from reading lamps to cabin to hold lighting.

SJS Luminus Lighting SteckerSJS Luminus Lighting SteckerSJS Luminus Lighting SteckerSJS Luminus Lighting Stecker

SJS luminus miniature connectors

SJS series connectors are the lighting plugs in the Boeing 787. These plastic connectors are very light, and meet the BACC standard.

SJS series products
3559 Push-Pull Lampenstecker im Airbus


Connectors in the 1720, 3557 and 3559 series are used in all Airbus models as lamp connectors. Thanks to their simple attachment by simply clicking into the structure, they save time and fasteners.

3559 series products


Effective data flow: Connectors from Amphenol-Air LB connect very different cabin structural segments, and ensure effective networking in their IT systems.

Amphenol 1900 EN3545 ABS1696 in Airbus Kabinen

AMPHENOL 1900 EN3545 ABS1696

1900 series connectors, certified EN3545, are used in all Airbus models as interfaces for fast connections of wires in different structural segments. Electricity and signal distribution to all structural segments is provided through these connectors.

1900 series product
1119 Verlängerungsmodul Flugzeugstecker


Extension module to install a wiring harness, in order to connect a T-, a star branch, a diode or a resistor within an aircraft without great effort.

1119 series product


Dinner is served: Special Amphenol-Air LB connectors for on-board kitchens are used in coffee machines, hot water boilers and microwaves, and enable preparation of food and drinks.

Amphenol APX Stecker für Flugzeug-Küchen, Galleys Amphenol APX Stecker für Flugzeug-Küchen, Galleys

Amphenol APX Series

The ARINC810 connectors are used in on-board flight kitchens in hot water boilers, coffee machines and microwave ovens.

Series APX products
RNJ Steckverbinder in Airbus Longrange Steckverbinder RNJ in Airbus Longrange

RNJ Low Profile

The RNJ connector is used in different on-board flight kitchens in “Long Range” Airbus models. It offers secure contacts in very little space in this format.

Series RNJ products


Reliable information supplier: Our electrical connector technology provides secure information transmission to the pilots’ display devices in the cockpit. In addition, our products take over tasks for fuel supplies to the engines as well as controlling flaps and landing gear.

SIHD Leiterplatten Steckverbinder für Avionics

SIHD Monoblock PCB connector

SIHD series PCB connectors are primarily used in cockpit flight control systems.

SIHD series products

In-Flight Entertainment

Large cinema: Our connectors ensure a relaxed trip--thanks to the entertainment they provide to passenger entertainment with on-board movies and radio.

ASR Serie Steckverbinter für Bildschirme in Flugzeugsitzen ASR Serie Steckverbinter für Bildschirme in Flugzeugsitzen

ASR Series

The light and processing-friendly connectors in the ASR series are used in flight seats to transfer data to the screens integrated into the seatbacks.

ASR series products


Electric Bars Steckverbinder für Kerosinpumpen

Electric Bars

Reliable Amphenol-Air LB bus bars are used in the Airbus A380 for electricity distribution in order to supply the kerosene pumps with energy

Electric Bars Product Series

Wiring and conduit support

In demand around the world: Wiring and spacers from Amphenol-Air LB are underway around the world on most passenger aircraft, like the Airbus A350 and A380.

3530 Rohrhalter in Flugzeugen wie A380


These reliable conduits are essential in aircraft like the A380. They make it possible to attach and bend hydraulic pipes and dampen vibrations in the tube bundles which are laid in plastic half-shells

3530 series products
PCL Composite Kabelhalter für Flugzeuge

PCL Composite

Amphenol-Air LB is the leading supplier of wire harnesses for aviation: Whether the composite P clamp or metal for Boeing, spacers or wire harnesses with silicon pillows for Airbus - our products are found in most aircraft around the world.

PCL series products
Electric Bars Steckverbinder für Kerosinpumpen