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Whether in harsh production environments, research facilities, logistics, or in the smart factory of Industry 4.0: Reliable connectors are essential. They contribute to effective value creation and the development of new technologies. Hence, the innovative solutions provided by Amphenol-Air LB are the preferred choice for applications in the industry of the future. They live up to their reputation with their consistent reliability in extreme conditions, their rugged, high-quality design and flexibility of use in the areas of infrastructure and transport, and their precise data transmission in R&D activities.

Heavy Equipment


GCA Reverse Bayonet- oder Schraub- Steckverbinder


The rugged round connector is particularly well-suited for use in roadbuilding equipment. GCA in a non-conductive version withstood a salt spray test for over 1000 hours.

GCA series products


GCB-M Stecker


Rail vehicle use now increasingly requires fiber optics or RJ45, as well as quadrax, micro-coax, twinax or signal contacts. The reverse bayonet modular plug connector GCB-M combines these capabilities into a single connector.

GCB-M series products

Diagnostics & measuring

ECTA 133 Steckverbinder für Diagnosegeräte für FahrzeugeECTA 133 Steckverbinder für Diagnosegeräte für Fahrzeuge

ECTA 133

ECTA 133 Push-Pull connectors provide fast instrument connection and disconnection. It is therefore the perfect solution for diagnostic instruments. It is well-represented in the factories of many well-known auto manufacturers.

ECTA 133 series products

Device and equipment construction

ECTA 544 Steckverbinder für Geräte und Apparatenbau

ECTA 544

The ECTA 544 circular connector is ideal for use in industry, in laboratories, and for vehicle and equipment manufacturing.

ECTA series products


ECTA Quadrax Steckverbinder für Infrastruktur


ECTA FO SteckverbinderECTA Power SteckverbinderECTA Power Steckverbinder


Amphenol-Air LB makes a valuable contribution with products that prove their reliability, especially under demanding conditions.

Series products

ECTA Quadrax

The ECTA 133 plug connector with a push-pull locking system can be used wherever secure connections requiring a blind mate connector are necessary. It is especially suitable for internal areas, for the industrial and railroad sectors, vehicle and equipment manufacturing, and diagnostics.

ECTA Quadrax series products