A secure future

Amphenol-Air LB GmbH combines innovative design and high-quality precision manufacturing. As an international company within the Amphenol Group, Amphenol-Air LB GmbH does business worldwide.
Therefore, its business operations rely heavily on information and communication technology. Due to the sometimes highly sensitive nature of the information processed in these operations, its protection and security are of significant importance. We strictly adhere to the requirements for information management systems (ISMS) as per DIN EN ISO 27001.
We are committed to the following principles and goals concerning information security:

The information security management system is assessed and tested regularly to ensure that it is up to date and effective. Employees are encouraged to report any information pertaining to vulnerabilities or potential improvements.
The executive board appoints the Head of Quality Management as

Information Security Officer.
All employees contribute to ensuring information security within their respective areas of responsibility, even improving it whenever possible and thereby ensuring the lasting success of our company.